Landscaping & Earthworks

GLVT Landscaping & Earthworks

Landscaping and Earthworks can take any park or open space to the next level. At GLVT, we perform all aspects of earthwork and landscaping. This includes:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Grading/Re-Grading
  • Swale Development
  • Weeping Tile
  • Site Service Work
  • Sod
  • Mulch
  • Trees and Shrubbery
  • Other Plants
  • Hardscaping

Our designs focus on being aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally useful. Designed for the space, climate, and amount of foot traffic, we’ll ensure top quality landscaping for your open space project.

We also offer concrete services and complete general contracting so you can be confident you are in the best hands to complete your landscaping project.

Design, Planning, and Site Service

Whether you’re looking to increase the greenery and aesthetics of your outdoor space or are in need of proper irrigation systems, we’re here to help every step of the way. We’ll work with you in designing, planning, and creating a beautiful yet functional outdoor space for entertaining guests and spending time outdoors with friends and family.
General Contracting

Hardscape vs. Landscape

What’s the difference between hardscaping and landscaping?


Hardscaping involves all of the non-living elements in your landscape design like concrete, bricks, rocks, stone, and wood. We use these elements to build features like paths, decks, pergolas, fences, and fire pits to increase functionality in your space. The goal with hardscaping is to create fluidity from the inside of your home to the outside with usable living space to entertain guests and spend time with your family.

Landscaping & Earthworks


Landscaping includes all of the “soft”, or living elements of your design like grass, plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. By increasing the amount of greenery in your outdoor space, you can create a beautiful and relaxing environment to spend your time in. Proper gardening and landscaping can change the appeal of your home by increasing property value and overall aesthetic.

Our ultimate goal is to design a space where the hardscaping and landscaping work harmoniously to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Spray Park Designs


Grading refers to the levelling and sculpting of land. We perform grading for different reasons, for example, to allow for proper drainage and flow of water in your space, or to prepare the space for hardscaping elements like paths and patios. If you have low spots or sloping yards, we may recommend grading to prevent standing water or flow towards buildings.
Spray Park Designs

Swale Development

Swales are shallow ditches that have gently sloping sides, commonly referred to as ditches or gutters, that ensure proper water drainage. You may wish to add a swale to your outdoor space if your area is prone to flooding or simply as a preventative measure.

Swales can also be used as an environmentally friendly way to capture rain water and direct it to your gardens! By leading rain water towards your garden you can ensure your vegetables, herbs, and flowers are getting the water they need without constant watering from your end. This proves to be an efficient strategy for those who live in dry areas to maximize the use of rainfall.

Park Swale

Weeping Tile

Weeping tiles, also known as drain tiles or perimeter tiles, are porous pipes used for underground water collection and discharge. This drainage system is responsible for keeping water out of your basement and protecting your foundation. A pipe is laid around the exterior of the building’s foundation in a trench filled with gravel and soil. Weeping tiles are especially important in areas where heavy rainfall is frequent, or where melting snow could damage your building. This is a cost-effective waterproofing solution that protects your property and foundation.
Weeping Tile

Why Choose G.L.V Travellers?

We work with manufacturers that have been chosen based on their top tier industry experience, and commitment to providing quality commercial-grade equipment. Our long term relationships with these companies ensure our ability to deliver only the highest quality services.

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Certified & Insured

We hold a certificate of recognition through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, maintain good standing with the Workers Compensation Board, have industry-standard liability insurance, and are bondable.

Edmonton Playground Construction Experts

30yrs Experience

GLVT was incorporated in 1988 with the goal of providing new construction, renovation services, and park space development across Canada.

Edmonton Playground Construction Experts

100% Canadian

GLVT was started in Nisku and continues to operate primarily in Alberta providing quality services from park landscaping, playground installation, spray park, and concrete skateboard park construction to amenity installation.

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100% Transparent

Our mission is to provide a complete quality product by means of transparency, dedication to detail, and clear communication.