Prestwick Common Recirculation Spray Park and Fountain

Project Overview

The Prestwick Spray Park and Fountain in the Community McKenzie Towne is a large multi-district park destination with a large recirculation spray park, fountain,  playground with pour-in-place playground, and bathroom building with a mechanical building that house the recirculation equipment. There’s an amazing fountain that can shoot between 30-50ft in the air, beautiful walkways, and lots of seating for parties and events. In the wintertime, the fountain area turns into an ice skating area. There are even warm bathrooms and change rooms attached to the concrete building.

McKenzie Towne council in partnership with GLVT, Van der Zalm, Waterplay, and Eagle Builders designed and built the Prestwick Common Recirculation Spray park and fountain.

The Team:

  • McKenzie Towne Council acted as the Project Management and General Contractor in a hybrid role.
  • Van Der Zalm designed and consulted
  • GLVT was the contractor, conducted the earthwork, softscaping, general landscaping, recirculation spray park, fountain, all concrete work, as well as installed the mechanical building.
  • Water play design and supplied the recirculation system and spray park components.
  • Eagle builders designed and supplied the concrete building.

The Product:

  • Waterplay manufactured the spray park and recirculation system
  • Crystal fountains supplied the fountain components.
  • Eagle Builders supplied the building.
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