Tuffcoat Safety Surface Install

GLVT Tuffcoat Safety Surface Install

Looking to give your existing concrete a fresh look or add a splash of colour to a sea of grey? Installing Tuffcoat rubberized coating is a great way to do that for a fraction of what standard concrete costs. 

Tuffcoat is a state of the art coating that uses recycled rubber and acrylic components. The result is an environmentally friendly coating that is extremely durable and designed to adhere to most surfaces. It holds up well under high use and is non-slip, perfect for parks and spray parks!

Adding Tuffcoat can offer numerous esthetic and functional benefits to your park or open space. It is ideal for playgroundsspray parks, shop floors, pools, pool decks, wadding pools, or any surface you want long lasting grip and a blast of colour.

Tuff Coat and Playgrounds

Adding Tuff Coat to your playgrounds and spray parks is an excellent idea. The non-skid tuff coat is perfect for outdoor playgrounds and sprays park floors. It’s safe for kids and has zero playground mess. 

  • No mess playgrounds
  • Safe for kids 
  • Soft and durable 
  • Custom designs
  • Many color options


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Tuff Coat Non Slip Surface

Adding Tuff Coat to a surface can add safety and security to playgrounds, climbing calls, benches, and much more. Tuff Coat is made to help improve how long your playground equipment lasts and the overall safety of anyone that is on the equipment. 

Whether it’s a rainy day, or slippery from the most recent snowfall, adding Tuff Coat to your surfaces will help improve the grip of that surface. Ensuring everyone has a safe play experience. 

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Tuff Coat Uses

Tuff Coat can be used on a variety of surfaces. No matter your application, we can apply Tuff Coat and give you peace of mind. 

Spray Park Designs

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