GLVT Skate Parks

GLVT installs everything from small modular systems to large concrete skate parks. We specialize not only in Skate Park design and construction, but also the complete process of formation and installation. Our designs center around building a unique, original, and aesthetic concept that takes into consideration any existing or additional infrastructure.

  • Half Pipes
  • Handrails
  • Funboxes
  • Vert Ramps
  • Stairsets
  • Quarter Pipes
  • Spine Transfers
  • Pyramids
  • Banked Ramps
  • Full Pips
  • Pools
  • Bowls
  • Snake Runs

Regardless of your skate park project size GLVT has you covered.  We offer professional concrete services to complete all Skate Park projects from start to finish. 

Types of Skate Parks

Skate Parks are a great way to create a sense of community within your neighbourhood. Attract local youth while also creating a landmark in your city. There are different types of Skate Parks, the major categories being Bowl Parks, Street Plazas, and Flow Parks. Within each of these categories there is always room for customization so you can create a unique park to fit your needs.

Bowl Parks

Bowl Parks are like swimming pools for skaters and are designed to improve the skating experience. Skaters can stay on their boards without having to push and the curved walls let them ride around the bowl or go back and forth. Skateboarding is a dynamic and ever-changing practice but bowl skating is at the heart of this sport’s roots. There are endless shapes and sizes of bowls, so you can always find one that fits your style.

Skate Park Construction

Street Plazas

Street Plazas are designed to look and feel like skating on the street. They have obstacles that are styled like natural street terrain, such as stairs, railings, planters, and benches. This style of Skate Park has come to represent an important part of the urban scene, especially in cities with high populations of skateboarders. It creates a space where skaters can get together and enjoy their sport together as a community.
Skate Parks

Flow Parks

Flow Parks have features of both Bowl Parks and Street Plazas. In a well-designed flow park, a skater can use the curved walls of Quarter Pipes and Bowls to build momentum and hit street obstacles like stairs, railings, and benches. Not sure which style skate park you’re looking for? Flow Parks are the best of both worlds, allowing you to cater to a wide range of ages and skill sets.
Skate Parks

What are the Community Benefits of Skate Parks?

Skate Parks have numerous benefits for the community. They have been shown to promote physical activity and support mental health, they’re cost efficient to build, and can be used to spruce up unused community space, bringing new life to your neighbourhood. Building a Skate Park in your neighbourhood creates a space where local youth and members of the community can come together and foster new relationships through shared hobbies.

From Start to Finish

We understand that every project is different because every space is unique. Our team will be with you from design to installation so the process goes smoothly no matter which style or size you decide. Whatever type of Skate Park you’re looking for, we can build it and we’ll be there every step of the way.
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Why Choose G.L.V Travellers?

We work with manufacturers that have been chosen based on their top tier industry experience, and commitment to providing quality commercial-grade equipment. Our long term relationships with these companies ensure our ability to deliver only the highest quality services.

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Certified & Insured

We hold a certificate of recognition through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, maintain good standing with the Workers Compensation Board, have industry-standard liability insurance, and are bondable.

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30yrs Experience

GLVT was incorporated in 1988 with the goal of providing new construction, renovation services, and park space development across Canada.

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100% Canadian

GLVT was started in Nisku and continues to operate primarily in Alberta providing quality services from park landscaping, playground installation, spray park, and concrete skateboard park construction to amenity installation.

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100% Transparent

Our mission is to provide a complete quality product by means of transparency, dedication to detail, and clear communication.