Gazebos & Shelters

GLVT Gazebos & Shelters

GLVT installs gazebos, shelters, and site furnishings of all sizes. This includes any footings, pads, drainage, or electrical required to give you a completed project. We will make sure the structure fits into the overall design of the space and adds useful functionality. Whether you’re looking for shade, seating, weather protection, or storage, GLVT can help build and install the necessary structure for your project.

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Gazebos and Shelters

If you’re looking for an outdoor shaded area, look no further! Gazebos are popular outdoor shade structures designed for many different spaces. From backyards to large community spaces, we’ll work with you to find the best style for your unique space. Typically, Gazebos are solid structures with a roof and open sides for quick and easy access. Some Gazebos even have screened-in walls to provide a space to escape from pesky mosquitos and bugs!


Think of your Gazebo or Shelter as an outdoor centrepiece. It can be decorated and designed to match the aesthetic of your space to accommodate all kinds of events like reunions and weddings, or to fill in an empty landscape. Choose the type of flooring and the shape of your Shelter based on your preferences and style.
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Gazebo & Shelter Uses

Gazebos and Shelters provide many benefits to a variety of outdoor spaces. Their main practical uses include providing shade in areas with minimal tree cover and a convenient place to take shelter in unexpected rain storms. In addition to protection against the elements, they also create a space for the community to gather and enjoy each other’s company. From cookouts and game nights to cheering on your favourite local bands and enjoying an evening with friends, the possibilities are endless!
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Drainage and Electrical

We want to make sure your project is completed right down to the last detail. We’ll take into consideration the landscape surrounding your Gazebo or Shelter to ensure proper drainage systems are in place to control rainwater runoff and prevent flooding. We’ll also ensure there’s enough lighting and plugs to fit your space’s needs. The lighting you choose can make or break a Gazebos functionality, especially if you plan to use it at night. We’ll help you create an inviting ambience in your Gazebo to encourage use for years to come.
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When you imagine your ideal Gazebo, what do you see? Maybe it’s people gathering for cookouts and BBQ nights, or a space to listen to music with friends. It could simply be a space to escape the hot sun during the day, or to keep things dry on unpleasant days. Whatever your purpose may be, we want to make sure your Gazebo is built with maximum functionality.

If you’re looking for an outdoor structure that’s both functional and stylish, consider adding a Gazebo to your outdoor space. Not only will it keep you cool on sunny days, but it’ll also add visual interest to your landscape that won’t be forgotten!

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We work with manufacturers that have been chosen based on their top tier industry experience, and commitment to providing quality commercial-grade equipment. Our long term relationships with these companies ensure our ability to deliver only the highest quality services.

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We hold a certificate of recognition through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, maintain good standing with the Workers Compensation Board, have industry-standard liability insurance, and are bondable.

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GLVT was incorporated in 1988 with the goal of providing new construction, renovation services, and park space development across Canada.

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GLVT was started in Nisku and continues to operate primarily in Alberta providing quality services from park landscaping, playground installation, spray park, and concrete skateboard park construction to amenity installation.

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